About Us


Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. One of the pioneer departments of the faculty of engineering of this university. We are focused in finding best solutions, through research, to major problems facing humanity and our local community in particular.

We are dedicated to training students within the period of learning in our school to be skilled in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Coming out of here to become a high-flyer and seasoned professional engineer who will be globally suitable for various tasks. The students are our target clients and their effective researches and studies are our deep concern and what we run after daily. We ensure that the foundation in the field is instilled in them during the beginning phase of the academic work. We relate with the industry in all our work and we are therefore balanced with the newest cutting-edge technology and applications in electrical and electronic engineering globally.

Our specializations are Electromagnetic and Wave technology, Electrical power, machine and vehicles, Control and Instrumentation engineering, High Voltage and Switch-gear, Information technology, Computer and electronic systems, Telecommunication engineering and Renewable energy.

Departmental Organogram